Ride and Recce – a modest success!

small but powerful!

Not so very many people showed up to support the Ipswich Cycle Routes Ride and Recce on 10/10/10. Nevertheless, we managed to get around a good number of the Ipswich cycle routes and get an impression of the work to be done.

The information gathered will be uploaded to an online map over the next week or two and this will form the basis of a document which can be added to over the coming year. I’m hoping that this will become one of the objectives of the Transition Ipswich transport group. The point is that it is a practical way to home in on simple (and hopefully cheap) ways in which the Ipswich cycling network can be improved.

One thing already noted by one or two participants was that the through routes (N1 and N51) are clearly signposted in the main but other routes are less easy to follow. There were also a number of roads where the road surface made cycling potentially hazardous and there was a lack of help for cyclists (cycle lanes, priority boxes, etc) in busy traffic in a good number of places.

I was fairly well impressed by the courtesy of drivers, in the main but one of our party experienced a driver reversing into her as she cycled down the road!

This is just the beginning – I hope we will hold a few more of these events during the year. Thanks to 350.org for the inspiration to kick this off! I’ll be uploading the pics to their website asap.

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