Proposal for a bike ride – with a purpose

Clear bike lane in a Paris suburb near Robinson

A clearly marked bike lane

I’ve proposed a bike ride/ work party to study the Ipswich cycle routes on 10/10/10 as part of the and 10:10 campaign events.

Please see Cycle Ipswich for the full text of what I propose. I hope people will support it. The idea is to feedback some of the deficiencies -and maybe the good bits, too – of the Ipswich cycling experience. That way we can move towards better facilities for cyclists.

At the moment I believe that the experience of cycling in and around Ipswich is variable, to say the least. There are some good parts of routes but far too often cycle ways disappear at critical junctions – or where roads narrow. Just where most help is needed, in fact.

I support good, clear cycle lanes for most through routes which do not have a bus lane. I notice that Paris is improving its provision for cyclists and that the number of cyclists is far greater than it was. I remember trying to cycle there years ago and finding it pretty scary. Now there are clearly marked lanes on many routes. I did one brief foray by Velibe (the almost free bikes provided by Descaux) and it wasn’t too scary for the most part.

Hopefully, Ipswich can copy some of these schemes and at least provide decent, clear and unambiguous cycle lanes on some roads.

A bit of paint can’t be that expensive, can it? (Judging by the way some of the existing white lines are disappearing – perhaps it is!)

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