It’s Green Up North

Carr Street, Hull in the middle of the day

Just been up to Northumbria, via Hull and Scarborough, among other places.

I may be seeing through green tinted lenses – and I didn’t actually cycle – but I kind of got the impression that the cycle lanes were generally bigger and more common up north! We were touring by car and we crossed the cycle route N1 several times. We also walked about in Hull city centre and a few other places. Several times I noted cycle lanes which were as much as a meter wide – in places! Some even appeared not to disappear at every road obstacle such as bollards and junctions! Can’t say that I saw vast numbers of cyclists using these cycle ways; but at least they were there. And Hull city centre was surprisingly lacking in traffic. We visited on a Friday afternoon and the area around Queen Victoria Square (Carr Lane) was surprisingly free of traffic of all kinds. Some of the cycle lanes were done in a contrasting colour – probably green (but I’ll have to post some photographs to be sure.)

There were also a few goodish looking cycle lanes further north. I’ll have to go back with a bicycle to check how good they are. Some Germans we spoke to were finding the undulating terrain rather hard going in Northumbria but they had no real complaints about the traffic beyond the usual observation that trucks were not too keen on losing speed to help cyclists – or anybody. On the whole they found car drivers quite helpful in that they gave them a wide berth.

I was interested to learn from some Germans I met recently that their equivalent of the Highway Code demands that they leave at least 1.5 meters space between car and bicycle.

After my 5 day foray into the north, I was left wondering if it is more green up north – at least from a cycling perspective!

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