Shotley Peninsula Cycling Campaign

Shotley Peninsula Cycling Campaign.

Nearly 50 people attended the inaugural meeting of this campaign at the end of last month. The campaign aims to promote the development of safe cycling network, suitable also for wheelchair and pushchair use, across the Shotley Peninsula, linking schools and villages as well the provision of a safe route into Ipswich.

The meeting showed a real need and desire for safer cycle routes on the peninsula. Many ideas came forward about possible routes and funding. The immediate priority is to raise money for a feasibility study for which we are hoping to use the expertise of the Suffolk County Council, if we can find money elsewhere to fund it. We are now locating a number of grant sources with this in mind.

We are planning to have a ‘family fun cycle ride’ during the Summer holidays to raise money for our campaign and to advertise the lack of good safe cycle routes.

If anyone would like to join the campaign, membership is £5 per household or organisation. Please contact Jane on for a membership form. The bigger our voice the better.

Blog entry received from Shotley Peninsular Cycling Campaign

(I attended the meeting and it was very well organised and quite inspiring. Sadly, most people came by car as the road to Chelmo is so atrocious for cyclists! Hopefully, this is the start of big changes.)

Update July 6th 2010

Here is a brief bit about where they are now (taken from their newsletter – slightly abridged)

The SPCC has spoken to, and received guidance, from Anthony Wright of Sustrans, who has advised that the proposed cycle route be kept as close to the B1456, and as direct, as possible. It also needs to be classified as a Community Path, available for use by cyclists, walkers, and wheelchair users, but not by motor- cycles or horses.

a possible route has been identified, though there are still some gaps, which need to be resolved. The group has already had discussions with all the landowners on one section of the route, and have received a very encouraging response from all of them. What we need to do next is to have a proper feasibility study carried out.

We have also spoken to Suffolk County Council, who have no money to offer, but who are happy to offer their expertise if we can raise the money for a feasibility study.

We have also made contact with Cycle Suffolk
Fund raising for the feasibility study is our first objective, and we are investigating all possible sources of funding.

Hopefully, Cycle Ipswich and Transition Ipswich will be able to support this initiative and get some cyclists to swell the numbers on the August cycle ride. We can also bring some leaflets to help promote what transition Ipswich is doing – and hoping to do.

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